Uni­ver­si­ties of the Future

Con­sair osal­lis­tui Uni­ver­si­ties of the Futu­re ‑hank­kee­seen. Alla pro­jek­tin tulokset:

  1. Best prac­tices for educa­tion 4.0 report
  2. Sta­te-of-matu­ri­ty of educa­tion for Industry 4.0
  3. Blueprint for the Uni­ver­si­ties of the Future
  4. Train-the-Trai­ner cour­se “Tools and Met­hods for Co-crea­ting events”
  5. Vir­tual Teac­hing and Lear­ning Fac­to­ry for Industry 4.0
  6. Tool­kit for teac­hers: Tools and Methods
  7. Tool­kit for teac­hers: Technologies
  8. Hand­book for Industry
  9. Hand­book for Hig­her Education