Information for investors

Consair Ltd started its business by inventing a new product category: source extraction for dry mixing.

We are successful in convincing our customers of our solution – our sales visit conversion rate is a staggering 91 %. Today we are a leader in our domestic markets and have a strong brand.

Consair is driven by good design, which motivates the construction workers to do dust control. We were awarded with the Fennia Design Prize in 2017.

We have 2 patents pending at the moment. We also have an award winning team, a clear expansion road map and the will to grow as a global leader.

Developing solutions for productivity in construction

However, we have learned why productivity does not grow in construction. Consair is developing a solution to solve that.

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We are looking for advisors and funding to help us achieve our ambitious goals. Please contact us:

Frank Russi, tel. +358440501035.

[email protected]