Infor­ma­tion for investors

Con­sair Ltd star­ted its busi­ness by inven­ting a new pro­duct cate­go­ry: source ext­rac­tion for dry mixing.

We are success­ful in con­vincing our cus­to­mers of our solu­tion – our sales visit con­ver­sion rate is a stag­ge­ring 91 %. Today we are a lea­der in our domes­tic mar­kets and have a strong brand.

Con­sair is dri­ven by good design, which moti­va­tes the con­struc­tion wor­kers to do dust cont­rol. We were awar­ded with the Fen­nia Design Prize in 2017.

We have 2 patents pen­ding at the moment. We also have an award win­ning team, a clear expan­sion road map and the will to grow as a glo­bal leader.

Deve­lo­ping solu­tions for pro­duc­ti­vi­ty in construction

Howe­ver, we have lear­ned why pro­duc­ti­vi­ty does not grow in con­struc­tion. Con­sair is deve­lo­ping a solu­tion to sol­ve that.

Con­tact us

We are loo­king for advi­sors and fun­ding to help us achie­ve our ambi­tious goals. Plea­se con­tact us:

Frank Rus­si, tel. +358440501035.