Reme­dial measures

The reme­dial mea­su­res are clea­ning, clea­ning and clea­ning. Whe­ne­ver you clean up, some dama­ge has alrea­dy occur­red, that is, dust has spread to the site.

The con­struc­tion site can sig­ni­ficant­ly reduce the need for clea­ning with acti­ve and pas­si­ve dust cont­rol. Howe­ver, clea­ning the site will never be unneces­sa­ry, as the proces­sing of dif­fe­rent mate­rials will also result in coar­se dust that can­not be reac­hed by dust cont­rol devices. 

Clea­ning is much easier when mate­rials are not unneces­sa­ri­ly sto­red on site in lar­ge quan­ti­ties. It is advi­sable to place all mate­rials on easy-to-move pal­lets and to pro­tect them with plas­tics. Clea­ning can also be cal­led puri­ty management.

The role of acti­ve and pas­si­ve dust cont­rol mea­su­res in the proces­ses will inc­rea­se. Only in this way will we be able to gua­ran­tee a clean and healt­hy wor­king envi­ron­ment for con­struc­tion wor­kers in addi­tion to a clean end-result. That is why it is worth inves­ting in acti­ve, but also pas­si­ve dust cont­rol, and mini­mizing reme­dial action, i.e. do less cleaning.

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