Remedial measures

The remedial measures are cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Whenever you clean up, some damage has already occurred, that is, dust has spread to the site.

The construction site can significantly reduce the need for cleaning with active and passive dust control. However, cleaning the site will never be unnecessary, as the processing of different materials will also result in coarse dust that cannot be reached by dust control devices.

Cleaning is much easier when materials are not unnecessarily stored on site in large quantities. It is advisable to place all materials on easy-to-move pallets and to protect them with plastics. Cleaning can also be called purity management.

The role of active and passive dust control measures in the processes will increase. Only in this way will we be able to guarantee a clean and healthy working environment for construction workers in addition to a clean end-result. That is why it is worth investing in active, but also passive dust control, and minimizing remedial action, i.e. do less cleaning.

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