Our cus­to­mers love CAMU

Plea­se read about some of our cus­to­mer references.

Con­struc­tion com­pa­ny Kuo­ma takes care of emplo­yee satis­fac­tion at the Nii­ra­lan Kul­ma site

Accor­ding to the deve­lo­per Nii­ra­la Kulma’s own requi­re­ments, both humi­di­ty and clean­li­ness mana­ge­ment are well taken care of at the Kuo­ma Oy con­struc­tion site. Both are clo­se­ly moni­to­red during weekly mee­tings. The cus­to­mer is also inte­res­ted in tigh­te­ning occu­pa­tio­nal safe­ty requi­re­ments. The CAMU D2 source ext­rac­tor is taking care of the wor­kers’ health.

P1 puri­ty class dust cont­rol at the con­struc­tion site of the new Hel­sin­ki Urban Envi­ron­ment House

Skans­ka is buil­ding a 40,000-square-meter Urban Envi­ron­ment House in Kala­sa­ta­ma, Hel­sin­ki. The con­struc­tion work fol­lows the P1 puri­ty class. The Con­sair CAMU D2 was on site, taking care of the dust­less­ness of the mason­ry work.

Dust­less­ness is an abso­lu­te must in the reno­va­tion of Rai­sion Mart­ti block of flats

Raken­nus­pal­ve­lu Tuo­mi Oy selec­ted the new Con­sair CAMU D2 source ext­rac­tor for reno­va­tion dust cont­rol. CAMU was able to pro­vi­de the Rai­sio, Fin­land-based housing associa­tion with a dust-free con­struc­tion site during the reno­va­tion, lea­ving hard­ly any con­struc­tion dust to clean. At the same time, emplo­yees were given easier wor­king conditions.

Irja­la School and Day Care Cen­ter – Good indoor air qua­li­ty as the goal of dust control

The goal of the City of Tam­pe­re Faci­li­ty Cen­ter, even as an impe­ra­ti­ve, was to achie­ve good indoor air in the Irja­la School and Day Care Cen­ter in Tam­pe­re. Thus, the main cont­rac­tor, Har­te­la, was requi­red to build accor­ding to the so cal­led P1 clean­li­ness requi­re­ments. CAMU 1200 source ext­rac­tor kept the site clean from dry mixing dust.

The dust free reno­va­tion of res­tau­rant König

HOK-Res­tau­rants cho­se Kalus­te­sek­to­ri to renew the inte­rior of Res­tau­rant König in Hel­sin­ki. This time the site was excep­tio­nal­ly chal­len­ging as the res­tau­rant is part of a lar­ger enti­ty, and the other res­tau­rants were open to cus­to­mers at the same time. CAMU 1200 Source ext­rac­tor took care of dust cont­rol whi­le the res­tau­rant was open throug­hout the renovation.