Pri­vacy Policy

We at Con­sair Oy take care of your pri­vacy and pro­tect your per­so­nal infor­ma­tion in our pos­ses­sion. This Pri­vacy Policy desc­ri­bes what infor­ma­tion is col­lec­ted by Con­sair Oy and how this infor­ma­tion is used. We comply with the Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion (GDPR) and applicable natio­nal data pro­tec­tion legis­la­tion regar­ding per­so­nal data processing.


Name of the regi­stry: Con­sair Oy’s per­so­nal data register
Regi­strar: Con­sair Oy
Busi­ness ID: 2472903–1
Address: Lapin­lah­den­ka­tu 16, 00180 Helsinki.

Con­tact per­son for pri­vacy issues:
Frank Rus­si, firstname.lastname (at) con​sair​.fi.

For pri­vacy-rela­ted mat­ters, plea­se con­tact our cus­to­mer ser­vice by email at info (at) con​sair​.fi. You can also use the con­tact form, or the mai­ling address Con­sair Oy, Lapin­lah­den­ka­tu 16, 00180 Hel­sin­ki, or call +358 44 243 7409.

The regis­ter con­sists of:

Coo­kies and other infor­ma­tion rela­ted to the use of the website
Cus­to­mer Register
Event Regi­stra­tions
News­let­ter Subscriptions
Job Applica­tions

Regi­stry location:

Per­so­nal infor­ma­tion is loca­ted in the EU and USA. We stri­ve to ensu­re that all our non-EU part­ners comply with GDPR practices.

Pri­vacy Policy

The pri­vacy of the visi­tor’s per­so­nal infor­ma­tion is impor­tant for Con­sair Oy. We col­lect per­so­nal infor­ma­tion only when the user deli­be­ra­te­ly pro­vi­des them eit­her on our web­si­te, on our social media chan­nels, or by com­mu­nica­ting with us via chat, e‑mail or telep­ho­ne. You are entit­led by law to ins­pect the infor­ma­tion held by Con­sair Oy. You also have the right to demand the cor­rec­tion or remo­val of incor­rect or unneces­sa­ry per­so­nal information.

We do not disclo­se per­so­nal infor­ma­tion to third par­ties. Howe­ver, we may use the ser­vices of an exter­nal proces­sor to process per­so­nal data. If we do so, the proces­sing of per­so­nal data is based on an agree­ment between our com­pa­ny and an exter­nal ser­vice pro­vi­der and the instruc­tions we provide.

We pay atten­tion to data pro­tec­tion and secu­ri­ty in the imple­men­ta­tion and main­te­nance of our web­si­te and our cus­to­mer infor­ma­tion sys­tems. We pro­tect your per­so­nal infor­ma­tion with appropria­te safe­guards. Data pro­tec­tion and infor­ma­tion secu­ri­ty are pro­vi­ded by special­ly appoin­ted indi­vi­duals through risk mana­ge­ment, by taking into account data pro­tec­tion and data secu­ri­ty in the design of our ser­vices, trai­ning our staff, and regu­lar­ly reviewing our ser­vice requi­re­ments. Access to sys­tems and data­ba­ses con­tai­ning per­so­nal data is restric­ted to per­sons who have a need based on for their job role and the right to process the per­so­nal data concer­ned. We take care of the risk of misuse of data and other simi­lar risks, taking into account the pro­ba­bi­li­ty of the risk and the natu­re of the infor­ma­tion to be protected.

The use of the web­si­te and the ser­vices on the site col­lec­ti­ve­ly col­lect ana­ly­tical infor­ma­tion into Google Ana­ly­tics, i.e. sta­tis­tical infor­ma­tion about the total num­ber of visi­tors to the ser­vice, the most popu­lar pages, ent­ry pages and exit pages, brow­sers, device types, and the geo­grap­hic loca­tion of visi­tors. In order to col­lect the­se sta­tis­tical trac­king data, we use coo­kies on the site. Iden­ti­fica­tion data is only sto­red to ensu­re the tech­nical imple­men­ta­tion and use of the onli­ne ser­vice and to sup­port development.


Con­sair Oy uses coo­kies on its web­si­te to obtain infor­ma­tion about visits to the web­si­te and to enable the user to use cer­tain func­tions. The pur­po­se of this is to impro­ve the user expe­rience of the web­pa­ge with the help of visi­ting information.

A coo­kie is a small text file con­tai­ning infor­ma­tion that is sto­red on a user’s com­pu­ter eit­her as a per­ma­nent coo­kie that is sto­red on the user’s com­pu­ter until the file is dele­ted or expi­res, or as a ses­sion-speci­fic coo­kie that is remo­ved when the web brow­ser is closed.

You can deny us HubS­pot coo­kies by denying the use of the coo­kie and gene­ral­ly trac­king Google Ana­ly­tics by down­loa­ding the Google Ana­ly­tics Opt-out brow­ser extension.

Event Regi­stra­tions

When you comple­te the regi­stra­tion form on our site, your infor­ma­tion will be sto­red in the Con­sair Cus­to­mer Regis­ter. The­se inclu­de: name, e‑mail address, com­pa­ny, posi­tion in the com­pa­ny, pho­ne num­ber, pos­sible die­ta­ry restric­tions and other infor­ma­tion. We will dele­te the infor­ma­tion after the event, unless you grant per­mis­sion to use your infor­ma­tion for mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses or subsc­ri­be to the newsletter.

Cus­to­mer Register

The proces­sing of per­so­nal data is based on our legi­ti­ma­te inte­rest in pro­vi­ding our pro­ducts and ser­vices to our cus­to­mers and, on the basis of their aut­ho­riza­tion sta­tus, to our poten­tial customers.

We can col­lect infor­ma­tion about our cus­to­mer regis­ter from our part­ners and client com­pa­nies, such as com­pa­ny name, industry, address infor­ma­tion, infor­ma­tion about their purc­ha­ses from our com­pa­ny, con­tact per­sons and their job tit­le, con­tact infor­ma­tion, com­pa­ny rela­ted busi­ness infor­ma­tion, and mar­ke­ting licenses.

When you fill out a con­tact form on our site, your infor­ma­tion is sto­red in the Con­sair Cus­to­mer Regis­ter. The­se inclu­de: name, email address, com­pa­ny, posi­tion in com­pa­ny, pho­ne num­ber, inte­rests, and any other information.

Your brow­ser his­to­ry may also be used by our staff in cer­tain res­pects. We see what kind of con­tent you’­ve been inte­res­ted in and we can bet­ter pro­vi­de you with the right kind of use­ful infor­ma­tion and impro­ve our site.

By using the brow­ser in pri­va­te mode, you can give us your infor­ma­tion so that your brow­sing his­to­ry infor­ma­tion is not trans­mit­ted to Con­sair Oy. If you do not want us to recei­ve your per­so­nal infor­ma­tion, plea­se do not fill in onli­ne forms on our site.

News­let­ter Subscriptions

If you subsc­ri­be to our news­let­ter or other Con­sair Oy mar­ke­ting com­mu­nica­tions and give us a mar­ke­ting per­mis­sion by clic­king the check­box in the box pro­vi­ded, and sub­sequent­ly clic­king on the email you recei­ve, may allow you to be iden­ti­fied on our site. In this case, some of your brow­sing his­to­ry will be used by our staff so that we can pro­vi­de the right kind of infor­ma­tion that inte­rests you and impro­ve our site. Your data can­not be traced if you use the brow­ser in pri­va­te mode or cancel your news­let­ter or other subsc­rip­tion. You can cancel your news­let­ter subsc­rip­tion at any time by clic­king on the link at the end of the news­let­ter or denying other mar­ke­ting messages.

Job Applica­tions

We process your per­so­nal infor­ma­tion for the job search process and emplo­yee selection.

We will only process the per­so­nal infor­ma­tion you pro­vi­de us with. Man­da­to­ry infor­ma­tion is the infor­ma­tion speci­fied in the applica­tion. The­se may inclu­de e.g. your name, ecu­da­tion, work expe­rience and con­tact infor­ma­tion. Otherwi­se, you deci­de what infor­ma­tion you want to pro­vi­de. The neces­sa­ry and use­ful infor­ma­tion can be, for example: infor­ma­tion about your lan­gua­ge skills and hobbies.

We process per­so­nal infor­ma­tion during the search process. The data will be destro­yed at the latest two (2) years after the end of the applica­tion period. Open applica­tions will be taken into account one (1) year after sub­mis­sion of the application.

We will only process per­so­nal data recei­ved in con­nec­tion with job applica­tions in the job search process. We pro­tect your data with appropria­te tech­nical and orga­niza­tio­nal mea­su­res to pre­vent the unaut­ho­rized, unin­ten­tio­nal use, destruc­tion, disclo­su­re or alte­ra­tion of information.

Site Terms of Use

The­se Terms of Use apply to the use of the con​sair​.fi web­si­te. The use of con​sair​.fi requi­res the user to read and agree to the terms of use. Con­sair Oy reser­ves the right to chan­ge the terms of use at any time wit­hout notice. The terms of use must the­re­fo­re be read care­ful­ly whe­ne­ver the site is used.

The user agrees with Con­sair Oy that the laws of Fin­land will be applied to resol­ve any dis­pu­tes ari­sing from this website.


The con­tent of the Con​sair​.fi site is ful­ly pro­tec­ted by copy­rights, tra­de­marks and other proprie­ta­ry rights and licen­ses owned by Con­sair Oy and third par­ties. All rights not express­ly gran­ted in the­se Terms of Use are reser­ved. Repro­duc­tion, publica­tion, distri­bu­tion, disclo­su­re, sto­ra­ge, edi­ting and proces­sing of the con­tent or parts of the site is pro­hi­bi­ted wit­hout the prior writ­ten con­sent of Con­sair Oy. Howe­ver, the mate­rial on the site may be used, prin­ted, trans­fer­red and tem­po­ra­ri­ly sto­red for the user’s own per­so­nal use. Con­sair Oy reser­ves all intel­lec­tual pro­per­ty rights to any con­tent that is copied, down­loa­ded, or prin­ted from this site.

Limi­ta­tion of Liability

This site is desig­ned for gene­ral infor­ma­tion pur­po­ses only and the use of the site is at your own risk. The user is com­mit­ted to complying with local legis­la­tion. The mate­rial and links on the site are pro­vi­ded “as is” and shall not be con­si­de­red as offers or other legal or pro­fes­sio­nal instruc­tions. Con­sair Oy shall not be direct­ly or indi­rect­ly res­pon­sible for the accu­racy, cor­rect­ness, avai­la­bi­li­ty, comple­te­ness or topica­li­ty of any infor­ma­tion or part of the infor­ma­tion on the site. Con­sair Oy shall not be liable for any dama­ge or loss resul­ting direct­ly or indi­rect­ly from the con­tent or use of the site. If the rele­vant legis­la­tion does not allow the abo­ve limi­ta­tion of lia­bi­li­ty, Con­sair Oy’s lia­bi­li­ty is at most in compliance with the man­da­to­ry pro­vi­sions of the rele­vant legis­la­tion. The restric­tion may also apply to third-par­ty sites and con­tent from or to which con​sair​.fi site is elect­ro­nical­ly lin­ked. All site terms must be read care­ful­ly befo­re using the sites.


Con­sair and CAMU are tra­de­marks of Con­sair Oy. Other pro­ducts and com­pa­ny names men­tio­ned may be tra­de­marks or tra­de names of their res­pec­ti­ve owners. Access to the site may not indi­rect­ly or otherwi­se interpret any marks appea­ring on the sides of the gran­ting of a licen­se or right to use wit­hout Con­sair Ltd’s prior writ­ten con­sent or a third party.

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