Con­struc­tion site dust control

One of the qua­li­ty fac­tors in con­struc­tion is success­ful dust cont­rol. A good example are the green buil­ding rating sys­tems like Leed or Bree­am, whe­re the subsc­ri­ber obli­ges the cont­rac­tor to pro­duce a result that is compliant with the most strin­gent indoor air qua­li­ty standards.

Dust is gene­ra­ted at the con­struc­tion site for example by grin­ding, mixing and ins­tal­la­tion of dus­ty mate­rials as well as demo­li­tion work. Fine light dust spreads easi­ly even in small airflows, but it is dif­ficult, if not impos­sible, to remo­ve it afterwards.

Con­struc­tion wor­kers are encou­ra­ged to wor­ry about dust at the con­struc­tion site as it causes harm to health and com­fort. And the dust hazard is not limi­ted to con­struc­tion time, but the buil­ding can be fil­led with plen­ty of buil­ding dust, which is circu­la­ted by the ven­ti­la­tion into the breat­hing air of people living or wor­king in it. Read more about the hazards of con­struc­tion dust from our blog.

CAMU makes wor­king easier and more efficient and eli­mi­na­tes the dust problem

Con­sair Ltd.‘s solu­tion for buil­ding site dust cont­rol is the CAMU 1200 source ext­rac­tor for dry-mixing. We do not seek to design and manu­fac­tu­re only dust remo­val devices: we deve­lop equip­ment and solu­tions that make wor­king easier and more efficient whi­le eli­mi­na­ting the dust problem. We bring bet­ter ergo­no­mics and usa­bi­li­ty to con­struc­tion sites and pro­vi­de solu­tions that are easy for the cont­rac­tor to apply, and especial­ly to the end-user.

Learn more about on-site dust cont­rol that inclu­des acti­ve, pas­si­ve and reme­dial measures.

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