Construction site dust control

One of the quality factors in construction is successful dust control. A good example are the green building rating systems like Leed or Breeam, where the subscriber obliges the contractor to produce a result that is compliant with the most stringent indoor air quality standards.

Dust is generated at the construction site for example by grinding, mixing and installation of dusty materials as well as demolition work. Fine light dust spreads easily even in small airflows, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to remove it afterwards.

Construction workers are encouraged to worry about dust at the construction site as it causes harm to health and comfort. And the dust hazard is not limited to construction time, but the building can be filled with plenty of building dust, which is circulated by the ventilation into the breathing air of people living or working in it. Read more about the hazards of construction dust from our blog.

CAMU makes working easier and more efficient and eliminates the dust problem

Consair Ltd.’s solution for building site dust control is the CAMU 1200 source extractor for dry-mixing. We do not seek to design and manufacture only dust removal devices: we develop equipment and solutions that make working easier and more efficient while eliminating the dust problem. We bring better ergonomics and usability to construction sites and provide solutions that are easy for the contractor to apply, and especially to the end-user.

Learn more about on-site dust control that includes active, passive and remedial measures.

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