Clean lungs and cleaner construction site.
Consair dust control solutions.
Simple as that.

Consair has a dust free mission

Research has shown that significantly more attention has to be paid to the air quality at construction sites. Small silica dust particles in the air cause more deaths per year globally than work place accidents, traffic and suicides put together.

Governments in Europe and the United States are forcing stricter rules on dust control and thus protecting the health of the workers during construction and users of the completed building from indoor air quality problems.

We do not just design and produce dust control equipment, we are also developing solutions which make construction work easier and more efficient while also taking care of the dust issue. We offer better ergonomics and usability to the site and solutions which are easy to apply into use for both the decision maker and the user.

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Well-designed, innovative solutions for dust control.

Tight schelude demands are common at construction sites. Demands for improving work place safety and site cleanness are increasing all the time. Dust control is often seen as a tedious, additional and unconnected phase.

Dust control can be quick and easy

Consair CAMU is an efficient source extraction workstation for dry mix blending of mortar, plaster and other materials. CAMU workstation moves easily to where it is needed, it is ready-to-use and works without negative pressure units or compartmentation. Capture the dust at the construction site right away when it is created. The breathing air is good and the amount of the hard to clean fine dust is significantly reduced at the site. Download a Consair CAMU 1200 datasheet.

To put it simply:

Construction dust is no issue, where none is created.

See how Consair CAMU source extraction workstation captures 99 % of the dust in dry-mixing.

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