Consair Oy – Company introduction

We are a growth company that promotes the health of building workers and the cleanliness of indoor air. Consair Oy started when we conducted a survey with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the University of Helsinki in summer 2011 on the air quality of construction sites funded by Skanska Talonrakennus Oy. On the basis of the results, it was determined that more attention should be paid to the air quality at construction sites. As, incidentally, inhalable particles  cause more deaths than total accidents at work, traffic and suicide worldwide. Another important finding of the study was that air quality in site huts is often even worse than on the site. We will continue to participate in research related to construction time dust. By increasing information and disseminating it to companies and employees in the construction industry, we work for the health and well-being of construction workers. In addition, the working population is aging; measures must be taken so that the aging staff can cope with the physical demands of their work and occupational diseases are prevented.

P1 construction improves indoor air quality

There are currently three major changes in the construction industry: the construction industry is trying to turn into a service business, construction is digitizing and site purity is becoming one of the quality factors of construction. The best example of the latter in Finland is the so-called P1 construction, in which the contractor is required to produce an end result that is compliant with the more stringent indoor air quality standards. However, the current P1 construction guidelines are not unambiguous. Each builder carries out dust management as he sees fit, and there are big differences in the results. We are currently running a joint P1 construction project, which started in 2018, for which we have received KIRA-digi funding from the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

Better solutions for dust control

At construction sites, 40-70% of the workers’ time is spent on moving materials or goods and cleaning the site. Reducing this work means more efficiency and more margin. Consair Oy’s first solution for construction site dust control is the CAMU 1200 source extraction unit for dry mix blending, which was initially sold by the name of LaastiKamu. We are not trying to design and manufacture only dust extraction equipment; we develop solutions that make working easier and more efficient while eliminating the dust problem. We bring better ergonomics and usability to construction sites and provide solutions that are easy for the customer and especially for the end user. The solutions on the market for dust control are very one-sided. In addition, their use on the site is too restricted, as they are not designed with end users. We believe that the market for dust control solutions will grow strongly in the near future as more and more attention is paid to the problem. We make active product development and design solutions for, among others, total dust control during renovation. The CAMU 1200 is protected by a utility model and has won a major design award in Finland. In product development, we have strong design and engineering expertise, as well as good relationships with construction companies. Today, we have 9 enthusiastic and skilled people working at Consair.