New efficient and intel­li­gent CAMU D2 source ext­rac­tor

cap­tu­res the con­struc­tion site dust in dry mix blen­ding.

The intel­li­gent CAMU D2 qui­des itself kee­ping the air flow cons­tant and indica­tes, when the fil­ters need chan­ging. The new smart fil­ter is easy and dust free to chan­ge.

Dry mix blen­ding with a power mixer is one of the dus­tiest jobs on a con­struc­tion site.
The new CAMU D2 has been deve­lo­ped for dust cont­rol of plas­ter, mor­tar and screed dry mixing.

CAMU reduces the dust con­tent in the mixing site by over 99 %, and it is sui­table also for sites complying to the stric­test air qua­li­ty stan­dards.

Con­tact us for impro­ving dust cont­rol on your con­struc­tion site!

The easiest and most efficient way to cont­rol dust in dry mix blen­ding!

  • Pro­tect your lungs from con­struc­tion dust
  • Cont­rol dust and impro­ve qua­li­ty
  • Save time and money with efficient dust cont­rol.

Quick, easy and dust free fil­ter chan­ge

The new CAMU D2 source Ext­rac­tor has a unique high capaci­ty pre-fil­ter with a con­tai­ner, which is easy and dust free to chan­ge. The indica­tor lights indica­te the need for fil­ter chan­ge. The efficient device is small and light to move around. Plea­se see the broc­hu­res for more infor­ma­tion.


Check on video, how easy is to use and move the CAMU D2 on a con­struc­tion site. Fil­ter chan­ge is quick and clean.

See how CAMU D2 cap­tu­res dry mix dust.

CAMU D2 as a part of your dust cont­rol met­hods.

CAMU D2 fil­ter chan­ge is quick and dust free.