New efficient and intelligent CAMU D2 source extractor

captures the construction site dust in dry mix blending.

The intelligent CAMU D2 quides itself keeping the air flow constant and indicates, when the filters need changing. The new smart filter is easy and dust free to change.

Dry mix blending with a power mixer is one of the dustiest jobs on a construction site.
The new CAMU D2 has been developed for dust control of plaster, mortar and screed dry mixing.

CAMU reduces the dust content in the mixing site by over 99 %, and it is suitable also for sites complying to the strictest air quality standards.

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The easiest and most efficient way to control dust in dry mix blending!

  • Protect your lungs from construction dust
  • Control dust and improve quality
  • Save time and money with efficient dust control.

Quick, easy and dust free filter change

The new CAMU D2 source Extractor has a unique high capacity pre-filter with a container, which is easy and dust free to change. The indicator lights indicate the need for filter change. The efficient device is small and light to move around. Please see the brochures for more information.


Check on video, how easy is to use and move the CAMU D2 on a construction site. Filter change is quick and clean.

See how CAMU D2 captures dry mix dust.

CAMU D2 as a part of your dust control methods.

CAMU D2 filter change is quick and dust free.